4 Reasons To Leave The City For A New Home Community

new home communityWhen it comes to moving to a new home, it can be all too easy to stick to your comfort zone. Literally. According to a recent study, there were only 14 miles between the average American homebuyers’ new home and the one they moved from.

Urban areas are typically favored by young couples because they offer entertainment, shopping, and nightlife within walking distance. However, once you start a family, you may begin to feel that 14 miles may still be a little too close to the city for your comfort.

That being said, here are a few reasons why you may want to consider leaving the city for a new home community for your next real estate move.

  1. Urban real estate isn’t set to improve
    The real estate market can be unpredictable, especially when you’re a buyer. It’s for this reason that many American homebuyers will opt to hire a real estate agent to find them the best home possible in an ideal neighborhood. However, this can be difficult in an urban area when the top neighborhood to live in can change by the year. A new home community won’t change so quickly so you won’t have to worry about moving just after you’ve started making mortgage payments.
  2. Urban areas don’t have as much yard space
    It can be stressful getting everything into the car just to go for a hike with the kids and your dog. However, when you live in a new home community there’s plenty of yard space for both the kids and your furry friend. What’s more, the extra bit of green helps provide you and your family with better air quality.
  3. Urban living makes you more stressful
    When you live in an urban area, the constant exposure to lights (even at night) can have a detrimental impact on your sleep. What’s more, the crowds of people and the constant go-go-go atmosphere can leave you feeling drained. This can increase the amount of stress you’re under, which leave you feeling depressed over time. By moving to a new home community, you reduce your exposure to urban noise and constant stress.

If you and your family are looking for homes for sale in an ideal location, ParkView at Chesterbrook may be right up your alley. With luxury townhomes only minutes away from Wegmans, Whole Foods, and King of Prussia Mall you can have the convenience of urban living without the crowds, pollution, and stress. For more information on Chesterbrook homes for sale, contact ParkView at Chesterbrook today.

House-Hunting Tips To Get You Ready To Buy In 2018

ideal neighborhoodWith 2018 officially here, it’s time to start the new year off on the right house-hunting foot. Whether you’re looking for low maintenance living or an active lifestyle in a new home community, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for buying a new home.

There’s a lot that goes into preparing to buy a new home. Fortunately, we compiled a series of steps to help you get on the right track.

  1. Know your credit score
    A good credit score can help you get a good mortgage rate, which is why it’s important to know yours. FICO scores will range between 300 to 850. The best credit score to have for a mortgage is typically 740 and higher. The higher your credit score, the lower your mortgage rate could be even by 1%.
  2. Don’t open new credit cards
    By opening another credit line, you’re putting your credit score in a vulnerable position. Debt is one of the first things a bank will see when you go to take out a mortgage, which is why it’s essential to keep your credit score at its highest. A new line of credit can sabotage your score and, ultimately, cost you a lower mortgage.
  3. Look for an ideal neighborhood
    Up to 92% of home buyers use the internet when searching for a new house. However, it’s essential to consider the neighborhood of the house when doing your search. This is because you can change a home overtime if it’s not ultimately to your liking. But you can’t change a home’s neighborhood.

There’s a lot that goes into preparing to buy a home for sale in a desirable location. Fortunately, you don’t have to put in as much effort to find a house for sale in an ideal neighborhood.

ParkView at Chesterbrook is a luxury townhome community located near Wegmans, Whole Foods, and the King of Prussia mall. What’s more, its ideal neighborhood places it in the #1 school district in the United States. For more information on homes for sale in this classic community, contact ParkView at Chesterbrook today.

3 Stress-Reducing Tips For Downsizing In A New Home

ideal location
It can be a challenge to downsize one’s home. Whether you’re an empty nester looking for a luxury townhome for yourself or a new family moving away from a large home, it can be stressful to reduce the number of belongings in your house as you settle into your new home.

However, if you have a plan set in place prior to downsizing, you can reduce your anxiety and improve the style of your future home. Check out the following tips to help organize and downsize your home for a lifestyle in a new home community.

  1. Plan ahead of moving day. It doesn’t help anyone to wait until the last minute, but especially when it comes to downsizing. Begin by setting goals for yourself and ensuring everyone is on the same page. This will help to reduce stress later on and prevent conflicts between families and couples.
  2. Consider your lifestyle. Once you’ve established goals for yourself and your family, it’s time to begin considering your lifestyle and how it’ll change. For instance, if you have a significant amount of furniture in your home but you don’t entertain often, it may be a good idea to cut back on your loveseats. By considering your lifestyle during the downsizing process, you can also improve the design of your new home in the future.
  3. Everything should have a purpose. One of the biggest problems people have with downsizing is they assume they need more stuff than what’s truly necessary. Every object you bring to your new home should have a purpose. And the more dual-purpose those objects are, the better. A bookshelf can become a desk. A desk can become a kitchen table. The list goes on. No matter what you decide to bring to your new home, be sure that it serves a practical purpose (even if that purpose is purely sentimental!)

When moving into new homes, many Americans will move only 14 miles away from their old house. This is because, once a family finds their ideal location, it can be difficult to leave. However, with ParkView at Chesterbrook, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind an ideal location.

With low maintenance living, one of the best school districts in the United States, and a classic community, we guarantee ParkView at Chesterbrook will be your ideal neighborhood. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, for more information on our luxury townhomes, contact ParkView at Chesterbrook today.

3 Essential Things Every New Family Should Look for In A House

new homesIt can be challenging trying to find the perfect home as a new family. You may have felt it was easier to find a location in which to live when you were a younger adult. But now as a new parent, you have a lot more than the size of your living space to consider. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Up to 32% of homebuyers are purchasing new homes for the first time.

As a new family and even newer homeowners, it’s essential to consider the environment where you’ll raise your children. Your kids should feel safe to express themselves wherever they are and you should feel safe laying them down to bed at night. That being said, here are three essential things every new family should consider looking for when buying a new home:

  1. Location is key
    Handling an awkward home is one thing, but with a location, you’re in for the long haul. Your location includes what stores are around your home, the type of school district, nearby parks, etc. Before you look into new homes in a given area, take a look at the types of neighborhoods in which you’d love to raise your kids. This will help limit your search and will guarantee your satisfaction whether or not you have to sacrifice a deck for your spouse’s love of townhomes.
  2. Size really does matter
    A studio apartment may have been fine when you just graduated from college. But as a new family, you’ll definitely want a space where you can grow together. Kids like to have space in which they can run around. Additionally, having a guest bedroom can be a great asset in case your family grows.
  3. Safety is essential
    Knowing your children are safe outside the home is great but it’s also a good idea to ensure your children are safe insidethe home. Consider whether an open layout would be convenient to keep an eye on your little ones or more difficult to childproof. If there are stairs, are they difficult for your kids to safely climb? Be sure to ask yourself these questions while you’re house hunting and you can feel secure in the house you choose.

Finding a family-friendly home in an ideal neighborhood you can love and feel secure in doesn’t have to be a challenge. With ParkView at Chesterbrook, you can feel confident in your child’s education, entertainment, and safety all in one place. For more information on new homes in Philadelphia and homes for sale in Chesterbrook PA, contact ParkView at Chesterbrook today.

All Homesites are now available!

Have you been waiting for the perfect homesite to become available? Whether it is a Washington on the park, a Lafayette on the corner, or a Hamilton on the square, now is the time to get locked in to your preferred location!  The remaining homesites at Parkview at Chesterbrook have just been released for sale. Call 610.647.7800 for an appointment or your dream home may be gone.  Hurry in and perhaps this could be your view next Fall!


Washington Model Grand Opening

The wait is finally over! Parkview at Chesterbrook is unveiling our two new Washington Models at a Grand Opening Celebration this Wednesday night, August 17th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Come join us at 500 Chesterbrook Blvd in Wayne, PA for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live music and big savings! The models showcase some truly special features such as an elevator, gourmet kitchen, beautiful trim work, unique wine tasting room, and roof-top terrace with gorgeous views. With nearly 50 homes sold already, come discover for yourself why Parkview at Chesterbrook is the ultimate mix of location, design, and lifestyle. See you there!

7 Reasons to Call Parkview at Chesterbrook Home

Location, Location, Location!

Location matters! Nestled in the woods of Chesterbrook, in the heart of Philadelphia’s prestigious Main Line, Parkview at Chesterbrook is at the center of it all. Minutes to Routes 202, 422, 76 and the PA Turnpike, it’s difficult to imagine a more ideal location. Enjoy a variety of local dining, shopping and entertainment. Step outside your front door and enjoy the convenience of banking, dropping off your dry cleaning or grabbing a cup of coffee. Outdoor activities abound – hike or bike through Valley Forge National Park or enjoy a round of golf at the area’s best courses.

#1 Ranked Tredyffrin-Easttown School District

In its 2016 Best School Districts in America, Niche has awarded its #1 ranking to Tredyffrin-Easttown. With an overall A+ grade, Niche considers both academic rankings, as well as the opinions of both parents and students.

Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

At Rockwell Custom, we build better. Each Parkview at Chesterbrook luxury town home is built with quality and care using only the finest materials, specifications, and design. We have earned a solid reputation for integrity, dependability, leadership, and value due in large part to our unwavering attention to detail. We employ only the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the construction and warranty services of each home we build. It is our commitment to offer homes that not only protect the environment, but also provide a highly efficient home that is healthier for our buyers and more cost effective to own.

Ability to Customize

Purchasing a home at Parkview at Chesterbrook allows you the opportunity to select features and finishes that reflect your own personal tastes and lifestyle, resulting in a customized, truly one-of-a-kind home. Choose from our Hamilton, Lafayette or Washington models!

The Low Maintenance Lifestyle You Deserve

Dread mowing the lawn? Hate shoveling snow? Despise raking those pesky leaves? Never worry about these chores again and get your weekends back. The beauty of Parkview at Chesterbrook is that all of things you don’t want to do are taken care of for you.  Your time is valuable, so spend it doing the things you love. Curl up on the couch reading a book, head to Wilson Farm Park and play catch with your kids, bike through Valley Forge National Park, or shop ‘til you drop at King of Prussia Mall!

Best Place to Live and Raise a Family

Come live the life in Parkview at Chesterbrook and experience for yourself why Niche ranked Chesterbrook the 8th Best Place to Live in America. Niche also gave Chesterbrook the #2 spot in their Best Places to Raise a Family in Pennsylvania!

Wilson Farm Park

Our Washington model luxury townhomes situated on the southern perimeter of the community offer gorgeous views of Wilson Farm Park. This 90-acre picturesque park boasts 3 pavilions, an amphitheater, baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, picnic areas, a putting green and an all abilities playground. The Parkview community will have two walking trails from the community directly into the park. Residents can truly enjoy the beauty of this park from their very own roof top terrace!


4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

It’s undeniable. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. When you want to gather with family and friends, the kitchen becomes the main attraction, especially when it has a welcoming design and layout like the kitchens we offer in all three of our models here at Parkview at Chesterbrook. Before you start to design your custom kitchen, here are a few 2016 design trends we’ve been noticing.

Unique Backsplash Designs

Shake things up by installing traditional subway tile vertically or think about a herringbone or diagonal pattern. Feeling truly inspired? Check out fireclaytile.com to design your own tiles for a truly custom backsplash.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Simplicity at its best. This style of cabinet can feel traditional or modern depending on the hardware and surrounding elements it’s paired with. Choose gray cabinets instead of white for a truly fresh look.

Quartz Countertops

Consider quartz as a lower maintenance alternative to granite. It’s nonporous and resistant to heat, spills and scratches, making it an ideal choice for busy families and the home chef.

Rethink Your Kitchen Table

Many of today’s modern homeowners choose to forgo a traditional table and instead opt to use their kitchen island as their dining space. If a table is a must for you, try a pub, tall gathering, or counter height table instead. These tables are typically 36 to 42 inches high, as opposed to the standard 30 inch kitchen table.

Come in today and discover how you can build the kitchen of your dreams here at Parkview at Chesterbrook!

Kitchen Blog

What are Your Included Features at Parkview at Chesterbrook?

It’s a question we hear almost every day. So what are the included features in each Parkview at Chesterbrook luxury town home? We’re happy to share that information with you! Our custom home building standards reflect our core value that quality is paramount. At Rockwell Custom, we build better. Each home is built with quality and care using only the finest materials, specifications, and design. It’s important for our buyers to be aware that one builder’s “included” features could be another builder’s upgrades. Compare our included features to those of other builders and we think you’ll agree; we offer more inclusions in our custom homes that truly showcase our quality craftsmanship.


Click here for a list of included features in our Hamilton, Lafayette, and Washington models.


Contact us today to tour our model homes and learn more about our included features and options from a talented member of our sales team.