Why Choosy People Should Buy With A Realtor

homes for saleLooking at homes for sale when you’re considering buying a new home is so exciting. You go online, you flip through local catalogs. Can you simply find and buy a home yourself? Sure. It’s tempting to forgo the extra help. In fact, only 14% of people contacted a real estate agent as their first step in the home buying process, while a whopping 42% first searched solo for homes for sale online. Do you want a realtor backing you up, especially if you want the ideal location and best amenities? Yes, 100%. Here are some secret perks to having a realtor during your house hunt.

They Have Connections

Interested in those new luxury townhomes? Can’t find a ‘for sale’ sign anywhere in the ultra-desirable location a couple towns over? Realtors have connections that give them leads on good homes you can’t find just anywhere online. An expert in your local search will help you an astronomical amount. Let the realtor use their in-depth knowledge of the local market to be your guide in finding the real-world equivalent of your dream home.

They Know How To Haggle

You might not know that the leaky garage could easily knock a couple thousand off your desired home’s list price — but your real estate agent does. Realtors can haggle like nobody’s business and get you a more satisfying sale.

They Help You Understand Paperwork and Negotiate Lending

Who doesn’t wish they understood their mortgage and other legalese better? While most real estate agents aren’t lawyers, they’re very knowledgeable about the common kinds of paperwork and agreements you sign going into a new home sale. Ideally, you, your realtor, and your lender are all working together during the buying period as well. Your realtor’s involvement can help you stay on top of the often-confusing process of getting a loan or mortgage, with no lost paperwork or misunderstandings.

They Mediate

Are you and your partner or other housemates having a difficult time agreeing on new homes and features you want? Is your ideal neighborhood a nightmare to your future housemates? Disagreeing on paint colors, even? Realtors casually act as a neutral third party to give you some perspective on the potential of a house for sale.

In short, you definitely want a realtor to keep your home-buying experience low-stress and successful. There’s a reason they’re trained and licensed — it’s a difficult job!

3 Benefits of Living in a Classic Community

classic communityCommunity living is more than just having a house in the same area as other people. It’s about having other people a part of your life and you a part of theirs. While some homeowners look for places to live based on the features of the house alone, it’s also important to look for a classic community as well.

There are many different types of community living, such as a new home community or a townhome community but the benefits you get are the same across the board.


When you’re a part of a community, it isn’t just you in a house somewhere in the world. You’re part of a larger group of people who are all living their respective lives but still part of something bigger. That allows you to have access to knowledge that you would otherwise have a harder time obtaining. For example, maybe you don’t know the best way to seed your lawn but your neighbor reseeded his last spring. Instead of having to do extensive research or hire someone, you can simply ask your neighbor about their experience.


Another great aspect of living in a classic community is the ability to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with other people. You might live with your significant other and make other great couple friends or maybe you find your significant other in your new community. Sometimes townhomes are more than just dwellings and can be the door to lifelong connections.


When you live in a community, your home represents that community along with everyone else’s. That means everyone has the joint responsibility of maintaining that representation which isn’t always easy to do. Yet, when you see your neighbors making upgrades to their home or preserving the way of life you all have become accustomed to, it can inspire you to do the same.

The lifestyle in a new home community, particularly one in an ideal neighborhood, is one that many people strive to obtain. If you want to find a community that’s right for you, consider using your available resources to locate a new home. Even the internet can be a valuable resource and 92% of people use it when looking for a new home. Just remember to look beyond the home and find a classic community that’s right for you and your family.